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As founder of the Y-Group, and a native of South Florida, John Yanopoulos has the distinction of being recognized as one of South Florida's most prominent community leaders as well as building the Y-Group into one of the fastest growing development companies in the Southeast.  John began by studying Accounting and Architecture at Florida International University and the University of Miami, obtaining degrees in both disciplines.  Even while going to college, John was involved in development, working in the construction industry to put himself through school.  Upon graduation, John began his career as a Certified Public Accountant in a major international accounting firm, specializing in real estate where he worked his way to Senior Manager over the next five years.  This was followed by executive positions at two of the most prominent real estate companies based in South Florida, serving as the President and CEO of both.  In 2005, John Yanopoulos formed the Y-Group, a development company specializing in the development of complex, luxury projects that has become his hallmark.  John draws upon his prior success and experience in architectural design, accounting, land planning, construction management, density analysis, permitting and zoning, and his vast background in sales and marketing to lead and direct all phases of the Y-Group’s $1 billion real estate portfolio focusing on hotels, condominiums and retail markets.


John Yanopoulos has worked on hundreds of major real estate projects over the course of his career and has distinguished himself as a professional with a unique vision and ability to conceptualize space.  His most notable projects include the W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, Infinity at Brickell and Ocean House. 


Founder and CEO of The Y-Group, John Yanopoulos, brings the future into sharp focus with The Y-Group. A name synonymous with South Florida luxury real estate, The Y-Group acts on emerging opportunities in the United States and internationally to push the leading edge of the luxury real estate market.

 Leader of the Metropolitan Real Estate Community